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When You’re Feeling Burned Out with Anya Perry: FVY278


Do you ever feel like the things you used to like doing no longer bring you joy? Your ‘get up and go’ is no longer there? On paper your life is good, but you don’t have the energy to LIVE your life? 

If so, you’re not alone. According to Time Magazine, 42% of women say they have consistently felt burned out at work in 2021. And the problem isn’t reserved only for women who work outside the home. The demands of home life and caring for others can lead to burnout.

On this week’s podcast, I’m joined by Anya Perry to help guide you if you’re feeling stressed or burned out. 

Listen in to discover:
-how to tell if you’re getting burned out
-what to do to recover from burnout
-simple practices to build the life you want so you can enjoy vibrant energy for years to come

Anya Perry is a work-life balance coach, Primal Health Coach, USA Weightlifting, and CrossFit Level 1 coach as well as the founder of the Habit Queen Podcast. Anya helps type-A stressed-out women create more balance, peace, health, and vitality in their lives.

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