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The Missing Link for Weight Loss with Kelly Bonanno: FVY280


You’re motivated to eat well and workout. You’re eating the right foods and getting movement in every day. You wonder “Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do?”

Food, exercise, stress, sleep, water all impact your health. And, so do your environmental toxins. In fact, some of the toxins can lead to weight loss resistance.

Where to start? What to do?

I’ve invited Kelly Bonanno on the podcast to help. 

Listen in to our conversation to discover:
πŸ’• How toxins can impact your overall health, your hormones, and your body’s ability to lose fat
πŸ’•  The most common mistakes when going clean (and what to do instead)
πŸ’• Simple ways to get started without feeling overwhelmed

You’re going to want to take notes and take action!

Kelly Bonanno is an Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, mom to 2 teenage boys, speaker, and host of the Clean Beauty Scene Podcast. She helps women over 40 break free from dieting, lose weight permanently, manage stress and increase energy without counting calories or giving up wine, chocolate, and fun with her signature holistic, realistic approach, The Body Harmony Method. Kelly also helps business owners reduce sick days and burnout while increasing productivity, focus, and morale with her innovative wellness programs and workshops.

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