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Keep Yourself Accountable: FVY287


Do you only keep a food journal when you’re eating well?  Do you often skip your evening reflection or your weigh-in when you’ve been off-plan? 

It feels good when we’re doing well, but what about when we’re not? 

That’s when most of us want to STOP looking at the data. We want to ignore what’s going on because it feels more comfortable. 

Friend, I want you to feel good about yourself not because you’re ignoring the truth. I don’t want you to pretend that the negative habits and consequences aren’t happening, because they are. I want you to feel better because you are doing something about it. 

Let this be the episode that lights a fire under you so that you can make a change.

Let me call you out. Let me be honest with you (kind, but honest)

-Tanja x