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How to WANT to Do What You Need to Do to Lose Weight: FVY307


Have you ever wondered:

🌼 Maybe you don’t ‘want it’ enough (the weight loss results) because you’re not doing what it takes.

🌼 That if you had WANTED to lose weight more, you’d be able to stick to your plan.

🌼 You’d drink your water,

🌼 You would go for a walk to unwind instead of going to the wine, and

🌼 You’d close the kitchen after dinner

I believe that you do WANT it enough. But what you might not have created is the WANT to do what you need to do to lose the weight. 

You see, as humans, we are motivated by pain and pleasure. We move toward pleasure and away from pain.

You get pleasure from overeating. You get pleasure from the sweets and crunchy snacks. You minimize pain when you drink wine when you’re stressed. 

What if you started changing what you link pain and pleasure to so that you increase your motivation and desire to make choices that will get you closer to your goal, and lessen your desire to make poor choices.

In this podcast you’ll learn how to do just that!

Listen in and TAKE ACTION.

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I appreciate you!

-Tanja x