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How to Tell if Your Diet is Working for YOU: FVY309


I said the D Word!

Call it a diet, lifestyle, eating habits, I am simply referring to the food that you put into your mouth. Undoubtedly, what you put into your body impacts how your body looks, functions, and how you feel.

There are plenty of eating styles and ‘diet plans’ to choose from: from Atkins to the Zone, vegan to paleo, low fat to high fat, and everything in between.

Proponents of each diet tout that their plan is better because of X, Y and Z, and each is backed up with plenty of before and after photos and success stories. Some even have legitimate scientific evidence to ‘prove’ that the plan works.

However, you might try the latest and greatest diet and feel terrible… while your friend thrived on it. She might have lost weight while you had intense cravings and digestive issues. 

There is no ‘best diet’ for all humans. We have different genetics, lifestyle preferences, and tastes.

But there may be a ‘best diet’ or ‘best way of eating’ for you. 

In this podcast, I dive into a few of the key questions you need to ask to determine if what you are doing is working for YOU.

I’m glad you’re here!

-Tanja x