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Can You Pursue Food Freedom AND Weight Loss with Jessika Brown: FVY311


πŸ’– Can food freedom and weight loss goals co-exist?
πŸ’– Can you love your body and still want to lose weight?
πŸ’– Can you have discipline without rigidity?

In a world of polarized views, it’s easy to fall into the trap of black-and-white thinking, and end up confused and stuck in a pattern of all-or-nothing actions.

If you want to find that middle ground of consistency and sustainability, WHILE getting results and loving the journey, you’re going to want to listen to my conversation with Jess Brown.

In this episode we cover:
πŸ’•Why it can be so hard to just listen to your body and start intuitive eating when you’re breaking the diet cycle
πŸ’•The difference between discipline and obsession
πŸ’•How to determine if your diet is right for YOU
πŸ’•The impact your gut has on emotional and stress eating

Let’s jump in!
-Tanja x


Who’s Jessika Brown?
Jessika Brown is a mom, wife, and boss who is super passionate about health.
As a Registered Dietitian (RD) she has been working in the health industry for the last 13 years. Jess runs a medical nutrition therapy clinic and is an adjunct professor of nutrition at the University of New Mexico. She has certifications in Eating Disorders (CEDRD) and Sports Dietetics (CSSD), has been trained as a Certified Wellness Coach and is an American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor. Her passion project is hosting the Fuel Her Awesome Podcast. Be sure to check out her TEDx talk- β€œA Healthy Cause to Find a Healthy You.”
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