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Doing Relationships Right with Jennifer Hurvitz: FVY319


Relationships are a big part of life, and this week I am thrilled to bring on Jennifer Hurvitz, relationship, and dating expert to help us THRIVE in our relationships.

Jennifer is known for her no-nonsense approach to all things relationships
and is proud to say she’s made quite the career out of disastrous circumstances…her divorce. She’s a Relationship Expert, Dating Coach, best-selling author, and host of the award-winning Doing Relationships Right podcast.

No matter where you are in your current relationship- newly divorced, never been married, and still searching for the ‘perfect mate’, or 30 years into your marriage, you’re going to experience an ‘aha moment’ in this episode.

Join us for some real talk as Jennifer calls out some of the most common relationship mistakes (and yes, I’ve definitely done them!), how to have a difficult conversation, as well as simple daily practices to strengthen your relationship.

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