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Being Kind to Yourself is NOT Complacency: FVY331


If you’re like many women I talk to, you might think that being kind to yourself and accepting yourself will result in complacency and letting ourself go.

And often it does.

You let yourself off the hook.
You no longer feel bad about giving in to your excuses. You say “it’s OK, you’ve had a tough day” or “at least you’re better than before”

And we think that’s being KIND to ourselves. 

It’s NOT. It’s leading to MORE of what you don’t want.

More disappointment. Less energy. Weight gain.

The pendulum swings wildly from beating yourself up and being hard on yourself to being really accepting and complacent.

My friend, neither are great strategies if you want to have a body AND life that you love.

You deserve to feel good.

Join me in this week’s episode as I share a third option, which is not beating yourself up or letting yourself off the hook so that you get to your goals and enjoy the journey.