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SMART Goals Meet Inspired Goals: FVY337


If you’ve ever wanted to achieve any sort of result, whether it was in health and fitness, business, or your career, you’ve probably learned about the importance of setting SMART goals. And if you had worked with me when I first started my coaching career, I would have helped you do the same.

We would sit down together and come up with a goal that fit the golden standard: it had to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. In health and fitness, some examples are “to lose 15 pounds by November 1” or “to run 5K in under 23 minutes by October 15th.

The goal is neat, clean, clear, and at the same time, completely uninspiring. And for the longest time, I never questioned the idea. I accepted the need for goals to be SMART as a truth.

But, perhaps it is possible that there’s another way (and there is).

But that doesn’t mean that SMART goals don’t have their place. We’re not going to get anywhere by saying “one day I’ll get fit” or “one day I’ll lose weight”. Dreams without action are, well, just dreams.

That’s why I’ve made a practice of combining inspired AND SMART goals to stay focused, and motivated while moving forward on my goals every single day.

I hope this episode helps you on your journey.

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