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How Do You Want to Feel? :FVY346


A few weeks ago I went on a camping trip and it was LOVELY. I spent the long weekend with my family, disconnected from the ‘real world’. No cell phones, no social media, no day-to-day ‘to-do’s’. I slowed down, walked each day, spent time in nature, and many hours sitting on a boat, watching the rhythmic pattern of the fishing rod. And yes, we caught lots of trout as well.

I felt calm and I felt happy.

And those are two feelings I want more of in my life.

To state the obvious, it’s much easier to feel calm and happy on vacation. But I do think that with some more intention and focus, we can feel the way we want to feel more often in our life. After all, everything we want in life is because we want to feel a certain way. We want to feel secure, safe, loved, and content.

In this episode, I share a simple exercise to create more feelings of calm and happiness in your life. The exercise is applicable no matter which feelings you’d like more of in life.

My friend, I’m glad you’re here.

Press play and let’s go!

-Tanja x