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10 Lessons to Upgrade your Life: FVY350

I’m fresh off a week-long vacation, getting lost in the woods with my son Jacob. We hiked just over 50K (and it was a tough 50K!) from Port Renfrew to Jordan River on the Juan de Fuca Trail. 

And it was AWESOME. 

Most of it, anyway.

The first day was tough. The hike was a bit more ‘up and down’ and challenging than I expected. After 7 hours of hiking, my knees were sore, and I realized just how heavy my backpack was. 

By the time we got to our first campsite, I started doubting myself. I started wondering if we had taken on too much. I started to feel guilty because perhaps I was making Jacob do something he didn’t really want to do. I started resenting the fact that I brought four pairs of underwear and two pairs of shorts. I started wishing I had brought more trail mix as we worked through nearly half our snacks on the first day. 
Through challenges, come lessons and growth. I wrote this reflection down in my heavy, hard-covered journal which I also brought with me on the hike.
Travel Light: Carry only what you need and what serves you. 
In the literal sense, for me, it meant not packing so many pairs of socks and underwear, and definitely not my journal. But it also means shedding the weight of limiting beliefs and past stories that may be holding you back.
How can you lighten your load?
Can you get rid of unnecessary drama? The weight of other people’s opinions? Self-doubt and plaguing feelings of not-enoughness? Do you need to set boundaries? Do you need to keep your mind focused on your business and not others? Are you unkind to yourself? Are you trying to do something to please others? Do you need to stop thinking you must do everything on your own?

How can you lighten your load?

What are you carrying that is no longer serving you?

In this week’s podcast, I dive deeper into this lesson and share 9 other life lessons from my 4-day trek. At least I made some good use of my hard-covered journal 😜


​I‘d love to hear from you. β€‹What can you let go of to lighten your load and make the journey of life a little more joyful? β€‹

Always listening,

-Tanja x