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Breathe Your Way Better with Sachin Patel: FVY351


What if there was something free, that was simple to use and could help you sleep better, reduce stress, and improve your immune system, digestion, and metabolism?

What if you already had access to it?

My friends, do not skip this episode!

For years (in fact, just until the last few months), I avoided learning or engaging in anything related to breathwork. I thought I already was good at breathing. I thought I knew how important it is to breathe properly. I thought learning to use your breath could be done in less than 5 minutes. I mean, we breathe 22,000 times a day; it can’t be that complicated!

But what I knew was just scratching the surface.

Since I’m a newbie to breathwork, I wanted to bring on an expert to the podcast to pique your interest to start to pay attention to and unlock the power of your breath.

My guest, Sachin Patel is a father, husband, philanthropist, functional medicine practice success coach, speaker, author, breath-work facilitator, and plant medicine advocate.

Sachin is committed to helping others raise their consciousness, activate their inner doctor, and initiate their deepest healing through the use of lifestyle, breath-work, and respectful utilization of psilocybin.

Sachin founded The Living Proof Institute through which he pioneered a revolutionary approach to patient-centered healthcare. Sachin coaches hundreds of practitioners around the world so that they are empowered to deliver affordable and inspired care to their communities through his Perfect Practice Mentorship Program.

He is an advocate of transforming the healthcare paradigm and he has devoted his life to the betterment of healthcare for both patients and practitioners.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or someone just starting to dip your toes into mindfulness practices, this podcast will have something for everyone.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you:

πŸŒ€ Why how we breathe matters, and how to breathe correctly (including the negative consequences of poor breathing)

πŸŒ€ How different ways of breathing can change your physiology (this still blows my mind)

πŸŒ€ Quick tips for getting started and everyday practice: No need to wait for a retreat in the mountains to start benefiting from breathwork. We’ll equip you with practical tips to incorporate conscious breathing into your daily routine.

Connect with Sachin:
Breathwork session with Sachin:
30 Habits in 30 Days:

So, if you’re ready to take a deep dive into the world of breathwork and unlock the potential within you, hit play and listen to my conversation with Sachin Patel.

Happy listening,

Tanja x