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The Gift of Making a Decision and Sticking With It: FVY352


My dad always says that any decision is better than no decision, and I think he’s right.

When we waffle in indecision, we waste time and energy, and I don’t know about you, but I need all the time and energy I can get. 

It’s simple, but not always easy.

I waffled in indecision on this podcast. Which topic should I speak on? Should I redo it? Is it good enough? Should I record one or two today? Should I wait to record tomorrow after I plan it out better?

Time wasted. Motivation wasted. Energy wasted.

I bet you’ve been there before—stuck in the land of “I don’t know” or “maybe later.” It’s like a fog that clouds our clarity, making you feel uncomfortable and unsure. But here’s the secret sauce: when you finally decide and commit, that fog lifts, and you can see a clear path ahead. And that, my friend, feels good.

Now, I totally get it—making decisions can be scary sometimes.

Take picking a diet plan. There are SO MANY out there. Which one to choose? You fear making the wrong choice, so you freeze up. Or you procrastinate doing the work because it’s easier to keep researching and reading diet books.

(Please tell me I’m not the only one, right?)

And then you make a decision, but then bring that decision back to the drawing table.

Picture this you’re out for a fancy dinner, determined to stick to your healthy eating plan. And then it happens—the dreaded bread basket arrives. Cue the internal debate and discomfort.

But what if you simply decide to say “no” and stick to your plan? No arguing, no negotiating, just a firm decision. Suddenly, that discomfort starts to fade away, and it becomes SO MUCH easier to stay on track.

I get, this is all easier said than done (like 99.999% of things in life since talking is pretty easy). And that’s why this week’s podcast is all about helping you make, and stick to your decisions.

It’s a skill that you, and I, get to practice every single day.

Take a listen!

With love, hope, and a sprinkle of decisiveness,

-Tanja x