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How to Hit the Reset Button: FVY358


“I fell off the wagon”
“I went totally off the rails”
These are statements I hear all the time.

Then comes the guilt and shame spiral, or making the failure epic. After all, if we’ve already fallen off the wagon, we may as well play in the mud puddles while we’re there (aka chips, chocolate, extra wine, leftover cold pizza, skipped workouts, etc.)

Feeling like we’re broken, or ‘what’s the point’ it can take weeks, months, or even years to recommit.

My friend, even if you’ve identified as a serial starter or ‘all or nothing’ thinker for decades, you can start a new practice right now.

A practice where if you go off plan, you have the skills to regroup and carry on right away (but not let the fact that you can get back on track right away be your permission slip for going off plan in the first place).  

Today on the podcast I share the mindset shifts and strategies I use to regroup and keep going when I am drifting off plan or losing focus on my goals.

Take a listen.
I’m glad you’re here.

-Tanja x