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Most People Have “Mindset” Wrong… Here’s What You Need to Know: FVY365


I get it, mindset talk is everywhere these days, but most people have it all wrong. 

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that your mindset is crucial, but nobody really teaches you HOW to transform it. Coaches often throw inspirational quotes at you or say, “Just stay positive” or “Stick with it,” leaving you with that nagging feeling of, “I need the right mindset, but how?”

These positive affirmations, like “just stick with it,” might give you a temporary boost in motivation, but they’re like a band-aid fix, leading to a never-ending cycle of ups and downs.

In this week’s podcast, I break it down for you. 

Changing your mindset isn’t something that magically happens. It’s an active process, and that’s a WONDERFUL thing. It means that you can take steps to work on it every single day.

It involves unraveling those deep-rooted limiting beliefs and understanding those B.S. thoughts that get in your way. If you don’t do this, you’ll keep circling those same unhelpful patterns and habits.

How do we do this? It starts with slowing down and becoming aware of your thoughts and patterns. Be curious without judgment. And then, it’s a process of learning how to have better conversations with yourself.

Join me on this week’s podcast to dive into the actual HOW of changing your mindset. I share simple tools and strategies that I use personally, and with my clients, to create a powerful mindset shift.

In case you skip this episode, I want you to know this:

There’s no destination where you’ll always have the “right mindset.” There’s no permanent arrival point. But once you have the tools, you’ll know how to shift your mindset. Don’t beat yourself up if you have some rough thoughts – it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.

Press play and let’s work on untangling those beliefs and shift that mindset together. 

-Tanja x