You are currently viewing Eating for Your Thyroid with Ginny Mahar: FVY367

Eating for Your Thyroid with Ginny Mahar: FVY367


Have you, or someone you care about, ever been told by your doctor that everything is normal, even though you barely have enough energy to make it through the day?

Do you have an autoimmune condition and are not sure how you should be eating (or have never been told that what you eat even matters?)

Do you have dietary restrictions (either due to a health condition or a desire to take care of your health) and have trouble navigating restaurants and travel without feeling deprived?

Do you want to listen to an inspiring story?

If you answered YES to any of the above (for yourself or someone you care about), you’re going to LOVE my conversation with Ginny Mahar, the Hypothyroid Chef.


Here are some of the gems you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Why it is 100% possible to be on thyroid medication, with a normal TSH, and have thyroid dysfunction
  • How to eat for autoimmune conditions (including Hashimotos)
  • Why you need to be an advocate for YOUR health and you need to TRUST yourself. If something feels off, it IS!
  • How to navigate travel and eating out when you have dietary restrictions


Ginny Mahar, FMCHC, is a thyroid health and cooking coach who teaches Thyroid Thrivers how to cook well, eat well, and live well so they can FEEL WELL. Ginny has a 20+ year background as a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, food writer, and cooking instructor, but her career took a turn after a Hashimoto’s diagnosis in 2011.

Through her personal health transformation, she became a passionate thyroid advocate on a mission to empower and support others on their healing journeys. She hosts a group health coaching community called The Thrivers Club and works with clients one-on-one as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Ginny shares thyroid-friendly recipes and lifestyle content on , and the Thyroid-healthy Bites Podcast.

Let’s dive in!

Tanja x

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