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The ONLY Thing You MUST Do To Change Your Habits for Good: FVY377

You’re a smart person… why can’t you do the things you know you should be doing?

You know how many grams of protein are in chicken, eggs, and fish.  

You’ve achieved lifetime membership status at Weight Watchers.

You know you feel so much better when you eat well.

So why are you still struggling?

If you want…

⭐️ to be in control of your relationship with food

⭐️ to be healthy and fit without the bathroom scale determining your happiness

⭐️ to end the diet cycle for the rest of your life

⭐️ to live and enjoy life without worrying about when you’re going to start your next diet

Then this podcast is for you.

It sheds light on the ONE most important thing that you MUST do to change your habits for good.

This one change will make all changes so much easier… AND permanent.

I’m so glad you’re here.

-Tanja x

P. S. I have a 12-week coaching program to coach women 40+ to end their struggle with food so they can lose weight without the obsession and feel free in their body and their life.

It’s different from everything else you’ve tried because it gets to the root cause of WHY you struggle with your weight in the first place.

Send me a DM or email me: and I’ll take it from there!