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Consistency in Fitness with Kelly Howard: FVY382

Ah… Consistency.

You may not see it as the ‘secret’ to losing 20 pounds on the cover of Women’s World, but we both know that it is THE KEY to long-term, lasting change.

So how do we do it?

That my friend, is exactly what this podcast with special guest, Kelly Howard, is all about.

Kelly Howard is a Fitness Consistency Expert with a touch of Adventure and the author of FIT: Active & Ageless for Life. For over 25 years Kelly has helped thousands of women prioritize their fitness so they can feel great and have more fun in this second half of life.

Tune in for these gems to crack the code on consistency…

❤️ WHY small changes actually create results FASTER than starting big
❤️ The 4 myths of fitness that keep you from reaching your goals (are you doing them?)
❤️ How layered accountability can be the missing link to sticking with your goals for the long term

Enjoy my conversation with Kelly!

-Tanja x

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