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Fitness Trackers: Helpful or Harmful? FVY383


For 8 months, my Apple Watch has been living in my bedside drawer. And I am happier.

And for 5 or 6 years, I dutifully wore my device. I charged it at night, closed my ‘rings’ and liked the data. I liked knowing I burned 300 calories in my strength workout.

I liked knowing how far I ran, or how fast I ran.

And I especially liked being able to click a button to play a sound on my phone (I used that function many times a day).

In this week’s podcast I share WHY I decided to retire my watch, but I’m not saying you should do the same.

Like any tool, whether it be the bathroom scale or a kitchen knife, it depends on how it’s used.

A knife, for example, can create an amazing dinner for your family, or it can evoke serious harm.

To use your tracker well, it’s important to understand its uses and limitations. And that’s exactly what I share in today’s episode.

If you’re tempted to skip it because you don’t want to give up your watch, this episode is especially for you. And once again, I’m not going to suggest you give it up.

I will suggest that you reflect on your own relationship with your device and to assess if it is helpful for you. 

Press play and join me for this chat!

I’d love to know your thoughts… do you love your tracker? Do you have a rocky relationship with it?

Always listening, 
-Tanja x