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When Did Eating Get So Complicated?: FVY388


Over this past spring break, I spent some time at a bookstore. As a health professional, I was drawn to the wellness section, and found myself lost in a maze of information. It’s no wonder so many people tell me they are confused by all the conflicting information!

I believe that simplicity is the cornerstone of sustainable health and fitness. It’s easier to stick to AND delivers great results.

Let this podcast episode be a breath of fresh air as we cut through the noise and get back to the foundations so that you can have more energy, eat foods you love and feel good in your body, consistently.

Hit play as I share:
✔️Why the information is not as conflicting as you might think
✔️How to determine what plan is best for you
✔️Why all the different options to lose weight and improve your health is actually a good thing
✔️Two resources to get started on the foundations for weight loss and healthy living

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