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Nutrition to Fuel Your Workouts with Philip Pape: FVY389


Should you train fasted or is it wise to eat before you train?
What should you eat after your workout?
Is low carb the best method for weight loss?

With the vast amount of information out there, my conversation with Philip Pape offers much-needed simple and practical guide to improve your fitness and physique without needing a science degree or making it a fulltime job.

Philip Pape is a high-performance nutrition coach, physique engineer, and host of the Wits & Weights top 25 nutrition podcast. Through his personal transformation to become the strongest, leanest, and healthiest version of himself, Philip understands the effectiveness of using strength training and evidence-based nutrition to enhance your physique and finally “look like you lift.” Philip helps lifters with demanding lifestyles achieve a more defined, muscular, leaner physique without wasting time. He works with clients to do more with less, break through plateaus, fuel their performance, and optimize their metabolism, energy, and health without feeling restricted. Philip is passionate about helping you get unstuck inside and outside the gym to discover the knowledge and confidence to reveal your ideal physique.

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