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The Foundational Habits to Lose Weight in Midlife and Beyond: FVY393


Most women I work with are either in perimenopause, or are postmenopausal (makes sense as I work with women in midlife and beyond, and menopause is technically just one day).

They tell me “what worked before is no longer working… it’s my hormones.”

It’s TRUE that hormones change and that hormones can absolutely affect your weight loss.

But so often we focus so much on the fact that our hormones are changing that it distracts us from the thing that is actually getting in our way, which is our basic habits.

Things like…

✨constantly being on your phone

✨not prioritizing sleep

✨not getting enough movement

✨not getting enough sunlight

having a to-do list of 37 things that you’re never getting done

✨your negative self-talk

✨eating carb heavy meals or not enough protein + fibre

✨the extra-curricular eating that ‘doesn’t count’

So yes, hormones can change, and they can affect weight loss, but start with the foundations.

Press play on today’s episode to dive into the foundational habits to improve your energy, lose weight, and simply feel GOOD in midlife and beyond.

-Tanja x


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