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9 Longevity Practices with Celine Vadam: FVY396


Do you want to live a fit, vibrant life for many, many years?
Do you want to ENJOY those years?
Do you want to do it without following complicated or arduous plans?

If so, you are going to LOVE my interview with Celine Vadam.

Celine Vadam, is a holistic health and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher and host of Blue Zones Retreat.

Join our conversation as we discuss:

  • The 9 health practices for longevity
  • The power of community and connection on our health and enjoyment of life
  • Simple nutrition principles to follow
  • What are Blue Zones
  • How to curate an environment that makes health living EASIER
  • Whether we really need as much protein as ‘they’ say we do
  • How to get started
  • The importance of looking at wellness on a more holistic perspective (not just diet/exercise/supplements)

I would love to hear what YOUR biggest takeaway was from the conversation or from watching the documentary on the Blue Zones.

-Tanja x


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