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Permission to Rest with Christine Jewell: FVY399


Are you feeling burned out?

Are you chasing success but feeling unfulfilled?

Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

My friends, I am deeply honoured to have my good friend, Christine Jewell, on the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast.

I personally get so much out of my conversations with Christine, whether as a guest on the podcast, or when we do our ‘walk and talks’. Christine is not only a true friend, but mentor and role model.

In this podcast Christine shares:

💎 The  moment everything changed her life and what it actually looks like to walk through a season of being lost and finding your true calling.

💎 The importance of giving ourselves permission to rest. Unlearning the messages of striving and pushing and to reset your nervous system.

💎 The truth about people pleasing, even if it seems to come from a good place.

I highly encourage you to order Christine’s book, Dropping the Armor to unlock the fulfilling, passionate, purposeful life you have always known was possible.

Christine Jewell is an author, keynote speaker, and faith based executive coach with  over 25 years of experience in the fields of Health + Peak Performance, Entrepreneurship + Human Behaviour . She is also the host of the Breaking Chains Podcast.

As the Founder of Warriors Of The Heart, she specializes in guiding highly successful CEO’s and Impact driven leaders to break out of the superficial “life” they’ve built, redefine success and step into a whole new playing field grounded in eternal, life giving principles.

As a mother of 6, ages 6-20, through a blended family, a wife, high level athlete, multiple business owner and entrepreneur since her 20’s, she is intimately familiar with the overwhelm and burnout that can come when building a ‘dream’ life, as well as what’s possible on the other side.

Through years of trials, burning things down and rebuilding from the ashes of her past, she has ditched the rules of this world, following the calling on her heart to cultivate a life of total alignment – where there is more than enough time for her most meaningful work, extraordinary relationships, a legacy of impact – and plenty of rest!

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