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Gwen’s Happiness Story

“Food is not a big deal anymore.” – Gwen

Gwen never struggled with weight until 1984 when she had surgery to have her thyroid removed, and ever since then, she has struggled with her weight and image. Gwen yo-yo’d through different diets AND would lose the weight, but would gradually gain the weight back.

She was stuck in the cycle of doing really good for a while, then falling off track and feeling bad about herself. Feeling guilty, shameful. That’s when Gwen started to look for something different!

Since joining Fit + Vibrant Over 50 SHE is doing things differently. Gwen has broken free from that diet cycle mentality and hasn’t looked back since.

💕 Freedom from the guilt and shame cycle so that she can truly enjoy her life
💕 Confidence that she will keep going no matter what because she has the tools to do so
💕 No longer being controlled by food

If this sounds like you, you’re going to want to listen to Gwen’s story!

-Tanja x