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How to Deal With Injuries.

When you’re serious about achieving any type of fitness goal, a huge fear can be around getting injured.  We have the most highly qualified coaches here at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle to prevent that or even rehab an injury, but sometimes things happen outside of the gym that land you in pain.

There are certain cases of injury so significant that movement is inadvisable, so you should always consult a doctor.  But if it’s a particular body part that is injured, I’d like to inspire you to look at the injury as an opportunity.

Let me give you an example…

Leah joined us after years of not working out. Every time she did something, she would get injured to the point that she couldn’t do basic daily tasks, setting her back in her work her personal life. And naturally, she became fearful of movement. She wanted to lose weight, she wanted to improve her fitness, but each time she tried, she ended up two steps backward.

When she joined us at Ascend, we simply focused on working with what she could do, and started from there. Slowly, and steadily she improved her core strength, mobility, and was able to do more and more in her workouts. And, that tied with our nutrition plan, the pounds started to fall off as well.

Leah searched for the thing she could do versus focusing on what she couldn’t do, and it made all the difference.  And she had the courage to try again. I’d encourage you to do the same.

If you have a knee injury, what can you do with your upper body?  If you have a shoulder issue, how can you train your heart or lower body?

In most cases, there’s something that can be done, so please, please don’t give up entirely!

We can help you if you’re in pain….

Being in pain can be a life-altering experience, and we want you to know that no matter where you are, we can help you through it. 

Is this something you can relate to?  If not, do you have a friend who might need some hope and guidance to get through an injury?

If this resonates with you, click here to learn more about our programs.  We’d love the opportunity to learn more about you!

We want everyone living their best, fittest, and happiest life!

Yours in Health,


P.S. Leah got started with us at Ascend on a 6 Week Program, following the same principles as what we’re working on in the Biggest Winner. If you’re thinking about joining, please take action today. We have just 6 spots left and I absolutely hate turning people away!