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How To Get Motivated For Your Workout

I like exercise.  Let me rephrase that: I like the benefits of exercise.  I enjoy feeling strong and energized.  I like the way my body looks when I workout regularly.  I like knowing I can go for a hike, try out a new sport or embark on any type of physical activity and be confident that I am likely fit enough to do it. 

Despite all the benefits of exercise, there are days when I simply don’t feel like working out.  I’m not sick; I just don’t feel like it. I would dare to bet that I am not alone.   

There are two huge mindset shifts when it comes to motivation:

1. Motivation is created. It’s not something that happens to us. My tips below are great ways to create motivation.

2. You don’t actually need to be motivated to get results. You simply need to take action. And you don’t need motivation to take action- you simply need to do it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Stop negotiating with yourself. Stop telling yourself stories. And just do.

In this article, I’m going to share with you a few tips to create motivated to workout on those days when you know you should workout, but you are compelled to turn off your alarm and go back to sleep, or bypass the gym on your drive home from work.  Some of the tips will work for you, some will not.  Pick and choose your own adventure and get ready to stick to your workout plan!

Tip 1. Visualize how you’re going to feel after your workout.  Do you feel invigorated, accomplished and clear minded?  Do you feel proud of yourself for deciding to workout even when you didn’t feel like it?  Sometimes simply fast-forwarding to the positive after-effects of a workout is enough to get you going.

Tip 2.  Remind yourself of your WHY.  Why is your workout important to you?  What is your reason to workout?  Are you training for a race?  Is it an outlet for stress release?  Do you want to live an active lifestyle so you can be there for your grandkids?  There’s a reason why you had planned to workout; you just need to remember it!

Tip 3.  Get dressed.  You may be surprised how many people tell me that one of the barriers to exercise has to change in and out of their workout clothes.  Taking that first step can be a monumental leap toward starting your workout.  Once you’re dressed, you’ll likely feel more inclined to go ahead with your workout.  As a bonus, pick out a fun, cute or new exercise outfit.  

Tip 4.  Skip the ‘all or nothing’ mentality and start small. Often we skip our workout because we don’t want to, or don’t have time do complete the entire thing.  We think, “what’s the point?”  I know I’m guilty of this faulty thought process!   A 10-minute walk is better than the 45-minute run you never did.  If you don’t want to do your entire workout, then don’t.  Just start, and if after 5 or 10 minutes you really honestly don’t feel any more inclined to workout, then stop.  You can ‘check’ workout off for the day because you did it!   Giving yourself permission to stop at least helps you start; and getting started can sometimes be the toughest part!

Tip 5.  Play your ‘power song’ play list.  You know those songs that when you play them, you can’t help but tap your feet and start moving?  Or when they play during your workout you can’t help but push a little harder?   Those are your power songs!   Maybe it’s 60’s rock, today’s greatest hits of 90’s rap; it doesn’t matter! Your power songs can transform your lethargy into get-up-and-go energy!

Tip 6. Get inspired!  Search online for workouts, or pictures of people doing workouts.  Maybe you’ll find a new exercise to try, or simply feel more inclined to workout.  Just be sure to give yourself a time limit and stay off of social media platforms and email.   Otherwise you’ll end up spending your workout time surfing the net! For our “Anytime, Anywhere Workout Plan” go to

Tip 7. Book an appointment- with someone else.  Making a workout appointment; ideally with someone else can really encourage you to stick to a regular exercise routine.  While some people enjoy working out solo, you will be more likely to exercise if you are accountable to someone else.  Find someone- whether it is a workout buddy or fitness coach to keep you accountable. Not only will this help you stick with it, but working out with a partner will make your exercise session more enjoyable and something you look forward to.  

Now that you have a few more tools under your belt. Please don’t just read this and nod your head and agreement and think ‘those are some great ideas’. Our members at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle don’t get results by learning more information, they get results by taking action. And I want you to do the same. Pick ONE THING that you’re going to do TODAY to create more motivation in your life.  And if you have other things that work for you, please share! You can reach me at I’m always listening!