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I Feel Healthy Again

“I’m happier. I’m more energized. I feel healthy again. I have my confidence back, Even my husband says that he’s seen a huge change in me as well”




When Karen started, she was in a funk; on a downward spiral. She had signed up for other plans online, and would go gung ho into the program and do really well in the first little while, but was never able to sustain it. She thought she already knew it all about dieting and losing weight.

This time, in Fit + Vibrant Over 50 Karen is doing things differently.

💕 She has learned to overcome challenges and setbacks with the support of a coach and a community of women going through it with her
💕 She’s learned to take small steps and to be consistent
💕 She has fallen in love with the journey

“But it’s the best gift I’ve given to myself. It’s an awesome program and I love it. For me, it’s been life changing”. -Karen

I believe every woman deserves to feel good in their body and to get back to living their life. That’s why I’ve put together this mini-training to walk you through my 3 step process that has helped 100s of women over 50 have been dieting lose 20+ pounds without the obsession.