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If we know what to do why don’t we do it?

We Know What We Should Do… Why Don’t We Do It?

5 years ago, I had an intention to start each morning with yoga. ☀️Sometime simple, like 5 sun salutations. I envisioned myself on my mat, feeling peaceful, grounded and grateful. A smile on my face, as my kettle boiled for my cup of green tea. I also thought how much better my body would feel with regular stretching.

Except I didn’t do it. 😬And for two years it was simply a thought; never a practice. As easy as it was to do, it was easier NOT to do.

I started to look at my desire for yoga objectively, and realized that it was to become a habit, I needed to set myself up for success. Here’s what I did:

  1. I made it as EASY as possible. I have my yoga mat ready to go in my living room. I changed my sleeping clothes to clothes that I could wear for yoga (so I don’t need to get changed first). When I first started, I searched for about 10 videos on YouTUbe that I could follow, and saved them in a special folder called “10 minute morning yoga videos”.


  1. I gave myself a REWARD for doing the practice. Checking it off on my habit tracker is enough of a reward for me.


  1. I give myself flexibility (no pun intended) on what counts. 10 minutes of yoga is my ideal. But I will count 3 minutes, or a few warrior 2s in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil or toast to pop.


  1. I don’t miss two days in a row. I aim for 7 days a week, but 5-6 is what usually happens.


It’s a simple habit, but when it comes to feeling GOOD in my body, it has been monumental. My knees don’t ache anymore, I run faster, (knock on wood) I am injury free, and I get to start each morning with a quick win. BTW this habit hasn’t influenced my morning coffee… I still love my coffee


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