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It Matters

In case you forgot, the small things really matter.
The small habits matter, the small practices matter.

In the moment it FEELS like you’re not doing much.

You ask, “What difference will this make?”

What difference does it make if you do that thing?
💕 a morning gratitude practice
💕 stretch for five minutes
💕 put your fork down between bites
💕 have 1 less drink per week
💕 walk after dinner so that you hit 10,000 steps

I’m here to remind you that IT MATTERS.

Suddenly you notice that you’re a bit happier. It’s easier to get up off the floor. Your meals are a little smaller. You have more energy. You are kinder. Your jeans feel just a little bit looser. It’s easier to walk up the stairs.

And it’s because you’re doing those small daily actions.

Every choice is a chance.
Every choice is a vote.
Every choice matters.

Keep going.

What are you doing TODAY to take care of your body?

Tanja x