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Jean’s Happiness Story

“No one has done more diets than me.”

Jean has struggled with losing weight since she was 26 years old. Like so many other women, she has tried different diet plans but never would succeed in keeping the weight off.

After joining Fit + Vibrant woman over 50, she has found the freedom to think of the good things in life, instead of always thinking of…food.

Jean has the freedom from the guilt and shame cycle she so often repeated. She can truly enjoy her life, and is confident that she will keep going no matter what because she now has the TOOLS to do so!

I want to coach you to take steps to help take control over food, to get consistent, to stay consistent, to end that fight, so you can lose the weight for the last time without the obsession. I believe every woman deserves to feel good in their body and to get back to living their life.