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Joy and Radiance take Courage

One of the most courageous things a woman can do is end the pattern of staying small and step into her power and radiance.

Here’s what I mean: So many women cling to limiting beliefs about themselves and their potential. Instead of seeing themselves as powerful creators, they might see themselves as meek or insignificant. They might become consumed by their struggles around weight or believe there’s something wrong with them. They might find comfort in commiserating with friends. 

On the surface it makes no sense: why wouldn’t we choose the path of radiance and to step into our power? Why wouldn’t we want to feel good? To feel fully alive? To feel joy?

While we can tell ourselves that we don’t want this- that we want to feel good- these patterns are comfortable. They might be what we’ve known our entire lives. 

Changing is uncomfortable. I’ve worked with women who overeat after receiving a compliment. Or sabotage their efforts when they get close to their goal. 

But just because something is uncomfortable and unfamiliar in the beginning doesn’t make it wrong. If we can push through the initial discomfort of choosing radiance and confidence and joy, even when it’s foreign to us in the beginning, we can have the most vibrant and beautiful lives possible.

We have a choice. We can continue being comfortable and uncomfortable all at once. We can keep choosing stress and overwhelm and chaos. We can keep putting our own needs on the back burner and being the martyr. This is going to be comfortable because it’s what we’ve always done. It’s our default pattern. But it’s also going to be uncomfortable because it’s holding us back from living the lives we could be if we chose radiance instead.

Instead, we can choose the path that is uncomfortable merely because it’s foreign to us. And this uncomfortable path will ultimately lead us to our most fulfilling life. A life where we choose to make our needs a priority. A life where we take time to nurture ourselves and be alone with our thoughts and desires. A life where we choose gratitude and celebrate all the things that are amazing about ourselves and the things around us.

It doesn’t take courage to play small and let the stress and overwhelm win. It takes courage to choose radiance even when it’s unfamiliar and you don’t feel it at first. And this courage will lead you to the most amazing life imaginable.

You are worth it,

Tanja x


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