Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Jump Rope Cardio Workout

I did this jump rope cardio workout last weekend with a friend. We ended up doing 4 rounds.

Our goal was 3, but we had a bit of extra time and great 90’s music on our playlist 🙂 

Warm up 5 minutes
Set timer for 16 rounds of 30 seconds on/ 5 seconds rest. If you don’t have a jump rope, pretend or do any other cardio exercise (ex. fast feet, jumping jacks)

1. Jump Rope (2 foot bounce)
2. Squats
3. Jump Rope (High Knees)
4. Row (with band)
5. Jump Rope (Boxer)
6. Renegade row
7. Jump Rope (High Knees)
8. Squat with 1 arm press (right arm)
9. Jump Rope (2 foot bounce)
10. Squat with 1 arm press (left arm)
11. Jump Rope (High Knees)
12. Reverse Lunge to jump (left side)
13. Jump Rope (Boxer)
14. Reverse Lunge to jump (right side)
15. Jump Rope (High Knees)
16. Push-ups

I hope you enjoy as much I did!

Your future self will thank you 🙂

Tanja x


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