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She Lost Her Weight for the Last Time

Imagine this…

For several months (or even years), you put in the work: you workout, you track your food, you commit to ‘clean eating’ (or whole foods, keto, vegan, low fat, etc.)…

You do your best.

Yet, the results you so desperately want seem like a pipedream away 🙁

I understand it’s downright depressing. It makes you even want to give up.

And you wonder… how is this different?

Most women I work with have been dieting for years, decades. And they wonder, how will this be different?

And to be perfectly honest, I have a tough time explaining how Fit + Vibrant Over 50 is different than Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Keto, Noom, Ideal Protein, Herbalife, etc. etc. 

It’s like asking how an trip to Hawaii 🌺 is different than an elephant. There’s more differences than there are similarities.

I asked Karen to share her experience- and whether or not you decide to take the next step and learn more, you’ll get A LOT out of this interview.  Press play below, take notes, and take action!


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