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Keeping Fit Over the Holidays with Heather Englund: FVY154


‘Tis the season for peppermint mochas in red cups, cookies and chocolates in the staff room and long to-do lists. If the holiday goodies, line-up of parties and events and never-ending to-do list has you ditching your workouts, regular eating or other healthy habits then this podcast is for you.

On this week’s podcast, I’m joined by Heather Englund of Fit Mama Real Food to tackle YOUR holiday related questions.

  • How do I handle food pushers and guilt from others about my eating choices?
  • How do I balance healthy eating with wanting to ‘live a little’ and enjoy the holiday festivities, which include lots of treats?
  • How to avoid a reckless abandonment eating mindset that results in the stereotypical New Years resolution to start a diet and a get in shape?
    How do I fit in my workouts when things are just BUSY?

Heather is the face and voice behind the website Fit Mama Real Food, the host of the weekly healthy living podcast Fit Mama Real Food Radio and the creator of Fit Mama Real Food’s Yoga & Strength on YouTube, where she shares quick and effective fitness yoga and strength training workouts.

In 2008 Heather started her journey to find out how to truly nourish herself through food and fitness. She took numerous nutrition courses and began learning about exercise. It wasn’t a straight shot to where she is now, but eventually she landed in a healthy and happy relationship with real food as the focus, and intentional movement that encourages health.

Heather is a wife to Jacob and mom of 4 little kids, Hunter 7, Zoe 5, Nova 3 and Holland 1. She lives in the beautiful PNW. Gratitude, nourishing real-foods, movement and laughter are a must, every day.

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