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A Conversation on Comparison + Body Image with Kristin Dovbniak: FVY167

In this episode I team up with Kristin Dobvniak, the gal behind Healthy Mama Kris to answer YOUR questions about body image and intuitive eating.
1) As a mom, how are you raising girls with good body image?
2) How do you teach an intuitive eating style to kids?
3. How do you stop comparing yourself to social media/ online image
4. I’m recovering from disordered eating and trying to listen to my body, but then a friend tells me about the plan they are doing (keto, etc.) and I get triggered. How can I shield myself from this?
Kristin Dovbniak is a holistic health coach, certified culinary nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor and trained chef. She works with women all around the world to help them simplify nutrition and tune into their intuition to heal their relationship with food and their bodies and live happy, healthy, whole lives.
She is the host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast, creator of several online programs including Healthy Mama Meal Prep and the Supermama Society, her online group coaching membership program rooted in Intuitive Eating principles to empower moms to live healthier lives beyond dieting. She lives on an island off the coast of New England with her sailor husband and her two sweet and spunky sous chefs, Sage and Wren, where you can usually find her in the kitchen.
To learn more, follow her on Instagram @healthymamakris or on her blog and website www.healthymamakris.comwhere she shares tips on finding freedom with food, practical real food nutrition and embracing your body to live a happier, healthier mama life.