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Late Night Snacking

Let’s talk late night snacking… or that 3PM sugary ‘pick me up’. Or that second glass of pinot. You get my point. 

I just received this Facebook message this week: 

“I am just hoping and praying that I don’t eat in between my meals…then my biggest problem is got to be able to go to bed without snacking”

Sure. That’s a pattern. That’s a problem to be solved. 

Most people don’t struggle with eating… they struggle with NOT eating. Sure there are the few that get busy and forget to eat (which, BTW never happens to me 🤷‍♀️) but even then, the problem isn’t not eating, it’s usually overeating when they get the chance to eat.

When setting goals and targets, its best to set a goal TO DO something rather than NOT to do something. Ever watch or read “the Secret”. Great reminder to focus on what we DO want, not what we DON’T want. Which is why the ‘no snacking/ no eating after dinner’ goal can be a tough one. 

So what do we do? White knuckle it and try NOT to eat? We could… but its not effective. (Kinda like trying not to think of a pink elephant now that I’ve mentioned a pink elephant). 

Here’s a better strategy: CREATE YOUR PLAN for the time of day that you tend to snack/ emotionally eat so that you are FILLING UP that time instead of simply trying not to eat. 

I’m not saying you need to do all the ‘to do’s’ and make yourself super busy (though many people perfected the art of baking Sourdough bread during the lockdown…). But it does help to have a plan. How would you like your after dinner routine to go?  What would you LIKE to see happen? How would you like to spend that time?

When you get home from work, instead of heading straight for the glass of wine, how would you like to spend that time? What else could you do to energize yourself or unwind from the day?

Be SPECIFIC. Write it out. Visualize it, and then PRACTICE it. You probably won’t nail it right away, and that’s OK.

Some of my evening routines include reading, drinking water, planning my day for tomorrow, loving on my husband, walk or lake in the summer, cuddling with my cat, playing a game with my son (or listening to him talk about the games he’s playing online). 

It also helps to understand WHY you might be wanting the food- is it boredom, loneliness, needing to unwind? But that’s a topic for another blog post ❤️

I get that most people will read this and think “that’s a great idea Tanja, it makes sense” and never do anything about it. And that’s OK. But I also know that at least one person will read this and take action and transform their entire life.


And I hope that person is you!


Tanja x​