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Life is Full of ANDs

Ever feel like you need to choose between enjoying yourself and staying on your plan?

Maybe you vow to ‘be good’ while you’re at a party, and feel like you’re missing out?

That’s the diet mindset.
And it’s simply not true.

The diet mindset wants you to choose one or the other: “I can be good and make healthy choices on vacation” or “I can let loose and live life to the fullest”.

The diet mindset says “I can either take care of my kids or grandkids or my career, which means putting myself last” or “I can be selfish by just taking care of myself”.

The diet mindset is simply wrong. These types of choices are not mutually exclusive. Think both instead of one or the other.

How can you make healthy choices on vacation AND enjoy yourself to the fullest extent?

How can you take care of your kids or career AND also take great care of yourself?

As you go through your day today, think about how you can take steps towards your goals, all while enjoying your life and the journey?

If you need to choose between getting healthy and enjoying your life, then it’s not a lifestyle.

You can have both the health you desire and the enjoyment and love of life. It simply requires a shift in mindset along with some curiosity, creativity, and intention.