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I Want to LIVE My Life: Lynne’s Story

“I don’t want to hide. I don’t want to think I’m less than. I want to LIVE my life”

Lynne had done so many diet plans in the past and had ‘been successful’. In other words, she lost weight.

But she couldn’t keep it off.


Lynne’s story is a little different… she had lost weight before joining Fit + Vibrant Over 50, but was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep it off this way.

Lynne found me by listening to the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast, and took the next step to book a call. It wasn’t easy. Taking that first step to ask for help took courage.

And it has paid off. It didn’t happen overnight but through Lynne’s journey, she is now more joyful and positive in life, less stressed with her work, and has the tools and mindset shifts to keep going.

And the investment?
“I’m worth it”.

You, too, are worth it.
-Tanja x

I believe every woman deserves to feel good in their body and to get back to living their life. That’s why I’ve put together this mini-training to walk you through my 3 step process that has helped 100s of women over 50 have been dieting lose 20+ pounds without the obsession.

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