Tanja Shaw.

Official Bio

Tanja is a Functional Health Coach, Kinesiologist and weight loss coach coach for women who want to end the struggle with food so they can get to their happy, healthy weight without the obsession and feel free in their body and life. Through functional lab testing, personalized wellness protocols and mindset coaching, Tanja help her clients live fitter, healthier and more vibrant lives in midlife and beyond. She also is the owner of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, a holistic health coaching studio in Chilliwack, BC (since 2007). and host of the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast (since 2015). 

Tanja, her husband Keith, and their son Jacob live in Chilliwack, BC, about an hour outside of Vancouver Canada. She loves being active outdoors, such as running, hiking, paddle boarding, cycling and camping. She also loves slow morning with a good cup of mostly decaf coffee and her three adopted cats.

Popular Topics (from my listeners + as a guest on other podcasts)

  1. The 3 Layers of Self Sabotage: Why We Self Sabotage and How to Break the Frustrating Cycle
    • What is self sabotage?
    •  What are the three layers?
      • I break down the three layers: What we DO (habits), What we THINK, and What we BELIEVE about ourselves and the world. etc. 
    • What are some steps someone can take to overcome this frustrating cycle?
  2. The HOW of Body/ Self Love and Appreciation (We are told its important… but HOW do we do it?)
    • What is body/ self love?
    • What are the misconceptions around body and self love?
    • Can you love yourself and still want to lose weight?
    • What gets in the way of loving ourselves?
    • Ok, HOW do you actually do it?
  3. Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance: When You’re Doing Everything Right and Still Not Getting Results!
    •  What is weight loss resistance?
    • You used to think that if you were overweight, you overeat… what do you know to be true now?
    • I’ve heard that calories in-calories-out is not true. What do you think?
  4. The Consistency Formula: I KNOW What To Do…So Why Am I Not Doing It?
    • Is it true “I know what to do?”
    • What is the consistency formula?
    • What gets in the way of being consistent?
    • We often want to be motivated; how can we get more motivation?
  5. MINDSET is Not Everything: Why You Must Combine Brain AND Body Science to Get Results You Love AND Enjoy the Journey
    • What do you mean by brain and body science?
    • How does one effect the other?
    • What is the gap in most health/ fitness programs these days?
  6. How to Get and STAY Motivated on Your Health Journey
    • What are the myths of motivation?
    • Why can’t I stay motivated?
    • How can I get more motivation?
  7. Why Most Health Goals Suck and How to Set a Goal that Actually Inspires You
    • What’s wrong with SMART goals when it comes to health and weight loss?
    • What do you recommend instead?
    • How do you set inspired goals?

Sample of Past Podcast I have been on:
Happy Menopause Podcast

Tanja's Favourite Quotes + 'Isms'

Let weight loss be the natural consequence of taking care of YOU.
Hope is a wonderful feeling but a horrible strategy. 
Compulsive dieting doesn’t solve compulsive eating.
There is no arriving.
Keep the goal the goal but stay flexible with the path. 
Changing habits is hard, overcoming urges is hard, and you can do hard things. 
When you love something, you take care of it.

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