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Failure is Simply Not Possible

Before joining Fit + Vibrant Coaching, I was hitting a wall. I felt like I was trapped in a prison and forced to eat and drink things that caused pain or nausea later…

Now I’m learning that the true issues to my weight were not solved by counting calories or weighing in on the scale.

I had done many diets and healthy living programs on my own and they work until I stop using them. I stopped using them when I don’t have the support! There is so much HUMAN CONNECTION in Tanja’s coaching program. She personally checks in with each of us and I think that is the biggest component to this program.

Fit + Vibrant over 50 walks you step by step to help you ease into the process of treating yourself better and asking better questions of yourself so you can keep going until you hit the root of the problem.

There is so much support and tools… failure is simply not possible.

I’ve lost 20 pounds and no longer feel stressed about food, parties or ‘sticking with it’ over the holidays anymore

-Erin Dyer

I believe every woman deserves to feel good in their body and to get back to living their life. That’s why I’ve put together this mini-training to walk you through my 3 step process that has helped 100s of women over 50 have been dieting lose 20+ pounds without the obsession,

It’s all revealed inside a FREE TRAINING that you can attend right now.