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Mint & Blueberry Soda

See if  you answer yes to any of the following:  Do you…

  • Really not enjoy the taste of plain water, but know you should drink more?
  • Enjoy a fancy-pants frilly drink from time to time, but not necessarily the effects of all the added sugar?
  • Practice self-care daily, and taking an extra minute to create a drink that you LOVE everyday is worth it?
  • If you did answer yes, you’re going to LOVE this simple, beautiful soda. Enjoy one on the patio on a nice summer day!

Mint & Blueberry Soda
A delightful drink on a warm day!
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Feel free to be VERY creative
  1. Ice
  2. A handful fresh or frozen blueberries or other berries
  3. 4-5 mint leaves, crushed
  4. 1-2 wedges lemon or lime
  5. 1 slice orange
  6. Soda water or regular water
  1. Mix all ingredients into a glass and voila... you have a wonderful, refreshing summertime beverage!
  1. To make it look extra special, serve in a mason jar. And of course, the drink makes a wonderful base for a bit of vodka or gin. I prefer gin 🙂
Tanja Shaw