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Morning Routine Musts (Tanja Shaw shares her morning routine)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m BIG on routines.

I thought it might be helpful to see what my own personal morning routine looks like! I often post my morning routines to my instagram stories. If you’d like to see realtime pics, follow me on Instagram.

My morning routine has evolved over the past 15 years or so- and varies a bit from day to day depending on the time I have, whether it’s a work/school day or the weekend and so on. I’ve learned to be consistent, I must keep the goal, the goal (a morning routine that sets me up for the day) but still allows me to stay flexible with the path (sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes is 3 minutes).

My three main goals for my morning routine are:
1. To generate enthusiasm/ motivation for my goals and purpose
2. To get in the right mindset to win the day
3. To have clarity on what success means to me on that day

Here’s how I generally spend the first few hours of my workday:

🌻 5:00 AM: Wake up, drink most of a large mason jar full of water, then a cup of coffee. Feed and cuddle with my cat, listen to The Wake Up Call, read my goals, journal and plan my day in the Fit + Vibrant Planner.
🌻 5:45/6:00 AM: Workout: Either strength, HIIT, run or yoga
🌻 7:00 AM: Shower, get Jacob ready for school
🌻 7:40 AM: Leave the house to pick Howser (the dog we walk) and walk Jacob to school.
🌻 8:50 AM: Take Howser home, have breakfast, start my workday.

Your routine will probably look different than mine!

What makes it work for me is: I block time for it because it’s one of the most important times of my day, and I keep it flexible. I also have blocks on my social media and computer until 7:00 AM to stop me from scrolling Instagram instead of journaling.

I tell myself “check in with the Universe before you check your email”.

What does your morning routine look like?
Always listening,
Tanja x

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