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I was at an all-time high weight and told myself, NO MORE!

My story of weight gain and losses did not start until I was in my mid to late forties. Before that, I weighed 110 to 115 lbs and maintained it without too much difficulty. As my responsibility outside of work and at home with my 3 young children became more demanding, I started stress eating and had less time for jogging and other exercises.

I told myself it was due to my “mother’s side of the family”. I was very unhappy about this. I started with Dr. Atkins, Wt. Watchers and other less-known diet programs, and after losing weight I would gain it back over the next year, plus some more. Then came Dr. Dukan, Dr. Bernstein and more Wt. Watchers. After 2 years of Covid and a full knee replacement in the last year, I was at an all-time high weight and told myself, NO MORE!

Around that time, I had started noticing Tanja’s ads on Facebook and decided to sign up for her 6 Week Fit and Vibrant course. In short, it left me wanting more. I love the Morning Voice Notes and the Podcasts as well! I’m currently two weeks into the 6-month course. I feel I’m already benefiting from the personal coaching with Tanja, and from others who are taking this course too. By making adjustments in my daily life, I have already lost weight by making better food choices and routines that are right for my body.

We concentrate on why we want to lose weight, and question how we came to be overweight in the first place. Trying to uncover these motives is something other programs do not worry about, and the problem that caused the weight in the first place is never dealt with. I am still early in the program, but I’m already gaining confidence that this is what leads to permanent success. I did not feel attractive for many years, but at this point, I am already making changes in how I think of myself and my future self. It makes me excited to think of that. -Nelly Woodsworth