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New Year, New You?

I don’t know about you, but I’m TIRED of the typical diet and fitness “New Year, New You” that saturate my news feed this time of year.

Another diet or workout plan.

A new angle on portion control: tracking points, calories or macros.

Most women I work with have struggled with weight loss for 10, 20, 30+ years. They have diet books and ‘clean eating’ cookbooks on their shelf, a treadmill in their basement, and they know exactly how many points are in their breakfast cereal. 


Their problem wasn’t lack of knowledge, it was learning how to stick to something long term.

Most women have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight except consistency.

Instead of googling diet + menopause’ or ‘is keto healthy for women?’, ask yourself ‘what is getting in the way of doing what I already know I should do?’. 

It’s not a rhetorical question. Stop reading this now and pull out your journal. Seriously. I’m not writing this to entertain you. I’m writing because this single question can transform your life.


What is getting in the way? 

Is it overwhelming because you have so far to go and don’t know where to start?
Is it consistent motivation?
Is it fear of failure, or perhaps fear of success?
Is it because you don’t want to give up your current lifestyle, even though you hate the way it makes you feel?
Are you not sure how to handle your emotions and challenging parts of life without going to food?
Are you giving in to your own BS excuses?


And unless you really didn’t know that broccoli is healthier than donuts, or that drinking a glass of pinot to de-stress can hinder your efforts, you don’t need more information.  


The quickest way forward is not to learn or do more; it’s to start taking AWAY the barriers that get in the way.


This is exactly what I teach in Fit + Vibrant Over 50… About 5% of my coaching is to help you learn what to eat for YOUR lifestyle. The rest is about helping you to stick with it. 


It’s time to stop the struggle. It’s time to write a new story. 


To join a community of women who are achieving food freedom. Who are ending the struggle with their weight and food.

Who are LIVING their life. 


If you’re ready to commit to yourself, I’m here to help you.


2021 could be the best year of your life because of one single decision. 


All you have to do is say yes to you.


I’ll help you from there.



Email me at and say “I’m in”. I’ll send you more details after that. 


Tanja x