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On My Stop Doing List

Are you listening? Or are you taking notes? Are you learning? Are you nodding your head in agreement?


But are you taking action?

This is something I’m working HARD at right now.

It feels good to check the ‘learning’ box. Listening to a podcast, reading a book feels like we’re doing something good for ourselves. Except we’re not. We are just consuming more information.

Information. Then the application. Then transformation.

Information is all around us. We consume, we nod our heads, we say “YES! That’s solid gold”, and then we move on to the next thing. The next podcast. The next cute quote on social media

If you’re standing on gold, don’t just walk by. Don’t just move on.

When you find that nugget of wisdom, that gold, that philosophy, that mindset shift, that practice, that habit that you know, if you applied it, would transform your life, STOP.

Resist the urge to keep going. Stop there and dig in. Know it by doing it, not by learning it. Make it your practice. Make it your own.

Answer honestly: do you get stuck in learning? I know I do sometimes. It feels good. It’s comfortable.

Dig into these learnings. Ask: “What would applying this look like? What am I willing and able to do TODAY to make it a practice?”

Friend, you don’t need more information.
Pick one thing, and dig in.

Tanja x