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One Minute Can Change Your Life

Happiness is an inside job.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel good now, you never will. No amount of success will bring more happiness and fulfillment.

And when I say happiness, I don’t mean ‘happy, happy, joy, joy,’ all the time. I mean fulfilled. On purpose. Contentment. Being in alignment with the person you want to be. Living on purpose. Gratitude. Feeling the day.

I think, what would the person being sent to war, likely never to return, tell me? If they had my life, what would they think? What would they do?

I tend to want to check the boxes and get things done. To rest, enjoy WHEN I reach a milestone, when I get things done. The problem is… the list is never done. There is no arriving. There is no finish line because we keep moving the goalpost of success.

We rush through our day and then numb out at the end with wine or food or social media.

So, what does this look like as a practice? It’s simply paying attention. It’s noticing the small things: the feel of the cool air on your skin, it’s listening to the sound of the rain, and really listening to it. It’s noticing the feeling of the soap on your hands when you wash your dishes. It’s really feeling a hug with a loved one.

Today, pay attention for just one minute. Be here now.

Give yourself permission to SLOW DOWN and be here now. Happiness, joy, contentment, fulfillment is an inside job.

You get one life to live. Live it.

-Tanja x