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Outdoor 20 Minute Boot Camp in Canmore!

Hey!  Thanks for checking out this workout.  I had the immense pleasure of spending a few day in Canmore with my good friend Christine Line.  She also has a rockin’ fitness studio, but is all the way over in Ontario, so we only get to see each other once in a while!

We made the most of our time together: early morning workouts, hikes, wine, tapas, and a lot of really good conversation.

Here’s the workout we created on the fly.  It was fast, furious, effective, and made us feel energetic, strong and focused.



Set timer for 12 rounds of 40 seconds on/ 10 seconds off  (each exercise will be done 4 times- but feel free to do more or less!)
Circuit 1:
Power Rock Step Ups  (left leg)- I include a bit of a jump for an extra challenge!
Power Rock Step Ups  (right leg)
Funky Push-ups (check out the video for a variation of the regular push-up!)

Take a water break and get ready for the next circuit!

Circuit 2:
Stair Squat Hops (or squats, or squat jumps forward)
Crab kicks (or bridging- check out the video for a tutorial!)
Transverse Lunge with a fun jump!