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Permission to Want What You Want

You WANT to lose weight- and not in a lemon juice fast kinda way, but in a sustainable and permanent way. You want to be there naturally, instead of obsessing about every morsel of food that you put into your body.

But have you given yourself permission to want what you want?

So many women judge themselves for wanting to lose weight.

They feel guilty to want more because life is so good- they have a great family and career.

They feel ashamed because they want to look a certain way. They think they are being vain. And vanity is sinful.

They keep it a secret because they don’t want to make anyone else feel bad.

They don’t share their successes because they don’t want others to feel bad.

They justify their weight loss because it’s just about health.

Friend, here’s my message to you:
Give yourself PERMISSION to want what you want.

You have one life to live. Go after what you want. You don’t need to apologize or justify your desires to anyone.

Other people can think differently. Your friends might have different views.

YOU get to choose what you want.

AND you can have it all.

You don’t need to choose between vibrant health and feeling hot in your jeans. You can have both.

You don’t need to choose between your relationships and loving what you see in the mirror. You can have both

As women, we’ve been conditioned to feel bad about so many things in life.

Losing weight. Gaining weight. Saying no to the wine. Desiring sex. Taking time for self-care.

What if you let go of the shame and guilt about pursuing your goals? What if you had the courage to SET a goal and then unapologetically go after it?

There will be haters. There will be people who judge and criticize you (now that we’re all past high school we can stop caring so much).

AND there will be those who support you.

I’d love to be in your corner, cheering you on.

-Tanja x