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Safe to feel our feelings.

This is my mad, frustrated face.

Actually, this is me after gardening taking a selfie trying to look mad.

Because I’m not anymore.

Today I was FRUSTRATED. With Facebook support, with people who don’t respect my time. Then there were the fears, doubts, and worries, complete with a side of overwhelm.

And that even though I KNOW (intellectually) I can change my perspective I often go through the anger/ resentment/ pity party stages first.

And one thing I learned that has been so FREEING in my life is that I am SAFE to feel all these uncomfortable emotions.

Which means I (and you) can feel all the things: stress, worry, doubt, resentment, anger, being misunderstood, overwhelm, embarrassment, loneliness, fed up, annoyed, dejected, confused, bored, scattered, AND not go to the fridge or pantry to solve your problem.

⭐The brownies in my kitchen won’t fix this.
⭐The leftovers in the fridge won’t make you feel better.

Instead, I went out and cut the grass (actually, I cut the weeds because my grass is yellow but the dandelions sure like to grow!), and weeded the garden (#truth: my garden is ONLY weeds- the only thing that grows with any consistency is purslane and mint 🍃- I could use some gardening tips…). It got me out of my head and redirected my focus.

I wasn’t escaping my emotions- I was simply giving myself some breathing room so that I could go back AND respond more appropriately.

Food solves hunger.
Feeling less isn’t the same as feeling better.
You, and I, are safe to FEEL our feelings.

Tanja x

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